Louie Giglio: Laminin molecule declares God's glory

Order the DVD

Order the DVD

I had never heard of Louie Giglio until today, but I ran across the following clip from one of his messages from How Great Is Our God. If there had been no video, I would have sworn that I was listening to John Piper: the voice and the style sounds exactly like him, even Piper’s trademark usage of hyphenated phrases. Giglio is a powerful communicator, but more importantly he speaks of the power of God’s glory in His creation.

After watching this brief clip, my wife ordered this DVD for the Christian bookshop she manages in Pontypridd, Wales; and they seem to disappear as soon as she gets them on the shelf. The video excerpt below is just a small sample of the message.

http://widgets.vodpod.com/w/video_embed/ExternalVideo.596734 (HT: Micah Fries)

Other Resources by Louie Giglio:
http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fthinedgeofthe-20%2F8003%2Fcacde7dc-70e7-4bff-80a0-b2cf7ec6f727&Operation=GetDisplayTemplate <A HREF=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fthinedgeofthe-20%2F8003%2Fcacde7dc-70e7-4bff-80a0-b2cf7ec6f727&Operation=NoScript” mce_HREF=”http://ws.amazon.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fthinedgeofthe-20%2F8003%2Fcacde7dc-70e7-4bff-80a0-b2cf7ec6f727&Operation=NoScript”>Amazon.com Widgets</A>

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49 thoughts on “Louie Giglio: Laminin molecule declares God's glory

  1. God Bless you for having the courage to obey God and present the message He gave you. We are fearfully and wonderfully made!

  2. A good friend told me about Laminin and how it’s shape reflects the Cross of Jesus. My heart sings happiness because I always knew He would start to reveal himself in amazing ways. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He is my beloved! Praise God forever!

  3. Found this clip on the internet AFTER my Pastor showed it at church today….AWESOME…..I was dumbfounded at the connection in the end about Laminin. If that doesn’t make goose bumps on your skin you just a skelton. Praise God for His sovereignty!

  4. i first saw this video at church tonight. I immediately had to come home and listen to it again….our GOD is so AWSOME. I had chills up and down my spine when I heard this video, and saw the actual picture of Laminin. As a Nurse I never have even heard of Laminin until tonight. GOD is definately with us and holding us together. Jesus died on a Cross for us, How appropriate that we are held together by crosses, that HE holds us all the time

  5. I am awestuck and amazed that God had that plan in mind before He breathed out the stars and we (mankind) . we’re definitely born for a purpose. We all lived a better life when we do God’s will and that is to give glory to God.

  6. Seen your video in church I was impressed by your message ,I showed my husband your video at home, I was so excited about ” laminin” You are a very gifted speaker may God multiply your gift so people will understand how big our God is !

  7. I didn’t need to hear about this message to know that God has held me together through out my life. It only confirmed what I already knew and placed a deeper driven force in my soul to continue to serve God. I will share this message with all I know in hope that they will be able to know and experience the Awesome gift of GOD. Thank You

  8. I heard this yesterday on the radio and could not wait to come home and look it up on line. On air I could even tell by response of the crowd that it was the sign of the cross. And during a dark part of my life it brought back the light and the belief that things would get better. Thank you all so much and I will tell everyone I know about the amazing Laminin. God Bless all.

  9. My youth pastor was preaching a sermon and showed us Pastor Louie’s video on laminin. It is truly remarkable to see how much detail God put in us when he created us. Pastor Louie’s video is amazing. The first thing I did after that service was went home and googled laminin. I show everybody now!

  10. I cry to think that God loves me so much. So unworthy am I, but He still chose to reveal His love to me. This video clip has poured deep down into my heart and I still feel Him holding me together!

  11. We praise God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit each and every day. Today, we are especially thankful for the full restoration of our daughter, Stephanie, through God’s unfailing love through Christ in us. Amen.

  12. Hi i am writing from Africa (Kenya). I was really blessed by watching the video how great is our God. It made me see God in his greatness and how much He loves me and that he holds everything together. How then can i question Him.

    The video on hope was a blessing, especially the testimony of Ashly. I hope to see part 2 of the same when our pastor will show us in our next young meeting. Wow, there is more to share than that Jesus bless you.

    Joseph (Nairobi, Kenya)

  13. Louie Giglio, i thank u so much cause u declared to all the world who is GOD and for what purpose we are living for GOD bless u keep going to reach GOD’s heart

  14. Good to know that there are still a lot of us who believe in God. The next good question is, “Is the God to whom we believe in the most powerful or the true God who created us”? According to the Bible, there will be false christs and false prophets that will arise… It is true, there are many who teaches the name Christ but they do not follow the full teachings of Christ. Some Christ teaches not to eat pork, some say faith alone saves, some says once saved always saved, some teach to worship idols, some believ in oneness, etc… Yet, they all say that they are all Christians. True Christians knows what they should believe and what they should not believe. The Bible is complete, it contains all the imperative things that we should know and everything we should believe. Bible will teach us if Christians are allowed or not allowed to eat pork, what else should we need aside from faith to be save, why we should not worship idols, why and how salvation can be lost, etc…

    Believing that there is a God is great. But using this black hole and the cross inside of it in relation with Laminin as a basis of believing God is a scrap. The Bible is complete, if you use it and read it, you will not be deceive by these false christ and prophets…

  15. One saved , always saved… what utter nonsense. As a christian we have to be ever virgiliant because the enemy is always seeking to destroy children of God.. You may doubt your christianity but bthe enemy know who is a child of God and he rutless seek to destroy you.

  16. Dear Brother Louie,
    Thank you so much for making this information available. Your sermon about Laminin brought me to tears, it only proves what we as followers of Christ have always known. That the cross is the very thing that holds us together.

    How can I order your sermons on D V D?

    GOD bless you.
    Jerry Stahl

  17. Jhay…you are dead right in what you say.
    Has anyone really stopped to consider the representation of the glycoprotein laminin that evangelists use is a two dimensional scientific drawing? And drawn by a scientist? The molecule can take many forms in three dimensions in real life, it just happens to have four appendages that can, in some entirely coincidental and random instances form what may be be crudely seen as a cross. What if it formed a swastika? Or a Minorah? The cross is an important symbol of the Christian belief and reminds people of a cruel and brutal method used to execute Jesus. But if he had been beheaded, burnt alive, buried alive or hung the four arms of laminin would still be present and the cross would have no symbolism. Get real………your God exists only if you believe He exists. To you that is important, to others it is irrelevant. Stop making fools of yourselves in trying to prove the unprovable. You’ve done it again and the gullible are spending money on DVD’s and other stuff. No wonder religious speaking is making fortunes for the speakers when an uninformed public pays to hear a message that simply reaffirms what they already believe.The best way for Christians to spread their belief is just to believe and act accordingly. That speaks louder than any image, book, evangelist, or other “discovery” which is patently absurd and brings you and your religious beliefs ridicule.

    • David,

      I apologize for the moderation glitch. Our household goods shipped from Wales the day you left your comment and I have not had consistent (or complete) access to the internet since then. We’re getting settled in the USA once again. I just read your comment for the first time today.

      You have made some excellent points, especially regarding the shape of the laminin molecule. I’ve seen artistic renderings of Roman crucifixions where the cross looked more like an uppercase “T” rather than its lowercase equivalent. And I sometimes cringe at the great pains some preachers take to illustrate their sermon material; and they often chase rabbits, losing their focus and making the illustration more important than the point being illustrated.

      However, Giglio didn’t manufacture the scientific drawing that looks like what we traditionally recognize as a cross-shaped image, he simply co-opted the drawing to make the point that our physical bodies are held together by the power of Christ. The cross (as a mode of cruel execution) is often used within Christendom as a symbol for Christ and his conquering power over life and death.

      I would disagree with your assertion that “your God exists only if you believe He exists.” Quite the opposite is true, I think: God exists whether you believe in His existence or not. For two thousand years, Christians have been the laughingstock of the world and its wisdom. We believe that it’s our responsibility to encourage one another to love and good deeds, which is exactly what Louie Giglio is doing in this video. It’s not about making money. Someone must have recognized a high level of encouragement in this man’s message and felt that it needed a wider audience. I think they were right even if you believe the entire thing to be a fool’s errand and filled with logical inconsistencies that cannot be proven.

      If people want to buy a variety of media to encourage them in their faith journey, I think that’s a good thing. This seemingly insignificant blog article (and video) has been a source of real encouragement to many Christians.

  18. AMAZING LOVE!!! HOW MUCH ARE GOD LOVES US< Our pastor shared this clip with us and it brought chills to my body. I thought of the people who believe in Evolution. This is just another amazing thing that God has shown us of himself. I am so excited!!!!!!!!. I cant wait to share this with my fellow believers. Its gonna be something sharing it with NON believers. If anyone has any advice on how to answer the questions like its, just coincidence or it’s like the people who found Christ’s face on potato chip PLEASE HELP!

  19. How pity on those who believes on these kind of pastors. These pastors can’t introduce the greatness of God in the way it must be conveyed from the Bible. tsk tsk tsk!

  20. Thank you for sharing this truth … Laminin held me together today, and put a smile on my face, tears in my eyes and a confirmation in my spirit as I worshipped the Lord this morning in personal devotions. Just when I thought Rev. 4:11/Chapter eight of “The Purpose Driven Life” was enough … then I remembered the video on laminin, and … W…O…W… I can’t speak now, but only cry in worship to God the Creator, Preserver and Governor of all things! I now have another tool of truth to boost my faith and encourage others with. God Bless you Louie!

  21. Indeed the Bible provided us with the truth and guidance that we need in all matters. However this does not mean that we do not receive encouragement from Christian Ministry, Christian Music, Christian Books/DVD’s etc.

    We should be thankful that God has blessed people like Louie Giglio, Ken Ham and others with such knowledge and understanding of scientific issues that help to refute the lies of evolution that are continually presented as facts by schools and atheists such as Richard Dawkins. It is vital that such lies are challenged or we will reach the time when they will be accepted as fact.

    What is not helpful is Christians questioning the integrity of people like Louie, because they misunderstand what he is seeking to do. Whatever way you look at Louie Giglio’s DVD, it must surely encourage any believer in their Faith as we are reminded of what an AWESOME GOD we serve. The discovery of Laminin and its cross type shape, if taken in the right context, should only serve as an encouragement to any believer.

    • Dear Peter Littleton,

      With regards to what you said and I quote “However this does not mean that we do not receive encouragement from Christian Ministry, Christian Music, Christian Books/DVD’s etc.” The Bible is complete when it comes to God’s teachings”. When you said Christians, these are the people who follows Christ’s Gospel, not just part of it but the full Gospel. When you say that you are a Christian, then you do not follow all that Christ teachings, then you are not a Christian (it is easy to say that I am a Christian, but proving is another thing) ,,, is it really Christian Ministry or is it really Christian Music? The Bible is complete and there is no need to add anything on it (2 Timothy 3:16). All teachings when it comes to Christianity is written in the Bible. Anything outside of it is not of God (1 Corinthians 4:6). We should not beleive right away to any preacher but we should test them first (1 John 4:1). I am sorry to tell this but I have a lot of evidence to say this, Louie Giglio and Ken Ham teachings are not Biblical. Not just them but many preachers of our time. They have different doctrines but they all claim that they are of Christ. But definitely not all of them are true. There is only one that is of God, beleive me. It is for us to find out. Open your mind and read the Bible and you will find out. There are lots of ways to encourage beleivers rather that laminin scrap. They just do not know the Bible’s way…

      • Scripture (which by the way I do read), also warns us against being judgmental of others. Is it right to stand in judgment of people like Louie and Ken and others if we hardly know them? I’m sorry if I missed it, but I did not detect very much love in your reply. 1 Cor 13 is a good place to begin thinking about how we must show love and what we are if we do not.

        We all have differing opinions on matters and if you have a different opinion that does not make your one the right one. We all must have the Grace to accept that we cannot be right on everything. The Bible is never wrong however Christians do not always agree on the interpretation of a particular verse of passage and if this happens then have to agree to disagree without being overly critical of the other person. Anything teaching that contradicts Scripture is clearly wrong however, Louie and Ken’s preaching compliments Scripture and does not oppose it.

        Our key role as Christians is to Glorify Our Glorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We do not accomplish this by being needlessly critical of fellow believers.

        Some key qualities of God’s Servants can be found in 2 Tim 2: 24, 25. Not Quarrelsome, but Gentle, Patient and showing Humility. Indeed these are attributes that will show the Love of Christ to others and glorify Our Father in Heaven.

      • Dear Peter Littleton,
        Thank you for your reply regarding my comments, I am glad that you do believe in the Bible. I hope that this will be a healthy conversation between us. In contrary of majority of religous leaders are saying, Christians are open to debate. As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ had many debates/argumentaion with pharisees. That is the reason why they crucified Christ, they were hurt when Crhist tells them the truth. Because the truth hurts them. Stephen had argumentation with the Libertines, and Cyrenians, and Alexandrians in synagogue (Acts 7:8-9). Saint Paul, Peter and all Apostles had debates as well. I know you would agree with me. So, why does pastors of our times does not want to engage to a debate or argumentation? Is it because it is not a Christian way? or it is Quarrelsome? Or not gentle? not patient and not showing humility? Of course not… The reason is because they are afraid that their wrong doings will be revealed. You mentioned the 2 Tim 2: 24, 25, I am not against this verse and this actually what I am doing. Start reading from verse 23 up to 26. Let us examine it. ” 23But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.24And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, 25In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; 26And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.” Verse 24 said that servant of the lord must not strive.Strive from what? The answer is on verse 23, Strive not from foolish and unlearned question because they do gender strifes. Then, when you go to verse 25 it said, instructing those that oppose themselves in meekness; and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will. I am not striving for a non sense or foolish things. Many people are very meticulous when it comes to clothing, food, spending money etc. But not quite meticulous when it comes to their soul. We only have one soul and when satan captured it, it is very hard to win it back. All I want to say is read the Bible and open your mind and I dont really have to say anything and you will find out yourself why I said that “what Louie Giglio and Ken Ham teachings are not Biblical”. You said you did not detect very much love in my reply. Telling you the truth is Love. That is what I learned from the Bible (John 8:32). I did not say anything personal about Louie Giglio and Ken Ham. What I said is that their teachings are not Biblical. I am against their teachings because they are not Biblical. I am not against them personally. I am not being critical to them and I do not need to know them personally to judge if what they are saying are Biblical or not. All I need to do is read the Bible and compare Christ teachings from the Bible from what they are teaching. Please read (John 7:17). It is one way how to judge if a pastor is of God. You said we all have differnet opinions. I agree to that. But we cannot say that we are all Christians if we all have different opinions of Christ’s doctrines. Christians have uniform beliefs. Let say for example, some pastors teach their members not to eat pork, crabs, lobsters etc and other pastors teach that it is not sinful to eat those foods yet they both claim they are both Christians. The possibilities are one of them is correct or none of the are correct but definitely not both are correct. I hope you understand what I mean. We should differnetiate one faith to another to find the truth and it is not being Quarrelsome, ungentle, not patient etc (Ecclesiastes 7:27). The Bible itself is interpreted and we do not have to interpret it by ourselves. I hope we could be good friends though. Thanks for your courteous reply. If you like, you can email me as well at bloomafloid@yahoo.com.

        Well I am pleased with what you said that “Our Father in Heaven”. I believe that God the Father is in Heaven and is not everywhere. I have a trivia for you, I hope you could ask this to Louie Giglio and Jen Ham.. Here it goes, “Where is God when he have not yet created the heavens and the earth”? I will wait for your answer. Take care!

  22. I was deeply touched by this video and the wonder of laminin! How great and awesome is our God! Thanks for sharing this!

  23. God never ceases to amaze me. I cannot wait to the day i get to go home and see our wonderful Lord. As much as my heart pounds trying to imagine the glory that day will be I know I can’t even begin to imagine how glorious it will be.

    Thank You for sharing

  24. God was always, in his mind creating the world way before the foundation of this world yet he it was only in the manifestation of his creation that he reveal himself Elohim God to ask such a question denies the very existence of God from everlasting to everlasting. Your question is somewhat like what Job was rebuke by God Where where you when he created. where was you when you was not born in the mind of God .

  25. Jhay

    God is Omniscient – ever present. You cannot hide from God like Adam and Eve tried to. God is everywhere. Before God created the earth it was without form and void and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water.

    If you have a pet such as a cat or a dog it has a limited knowledge of the world but the main thing it understands is that we are its owner/master. Similarly our ability to understand God has its limits, see Isaiah 55: v. 8-9. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your way my ways saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    Some of the happiest Christians are those with a simple faith in the fact that God sent his some Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for our sins and that by receiving him as our Saviour and Lord our sins are forgiven and we have eternal life.

  26. Sorry. In my previous post the last Paragraph should have read.

    “Some of the happiest Christians are those with a simple faith in the fact that God sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for our sins and that by receiving Him as our Saviour and Lord our sins are forgiven and we have eternal life”.

  27. Hi Carlean! Thank you for the reply. You answered just the way I expected. YOu can never see a verse in the Bible that says “God is everywhere or Omnipresent (a quality of being present in all places at all times). You cannot find these phrase or the very essence of it in the Bible even in Jeremiah 23:23-24 (it is just your interpretation). Be Biblical and that is always my appeal to everyone. God is the most powerful, I have no doubt about that. But that does not necessary mean that God is everywhere. Let me give you an example: in the book of Acts 17:24 “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by hands.” Another one is in the book of Matthew 6:9 “This, then, is how you should pray:”Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name”. The prayer is saying where the Father is. He is in heaven. The verse did not say Father who is everywhere. These are simple verses that does not need interpretation and Bible does not need interpretation. The Bible itself is already interpreted. Would you believe that GOd is the beer house? Or in the house of prostitutes? Or should I say in hell or elsewhere where there are full if inequities? Of course you should not. In Matthew 3:17 “And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” The voice came from the heaven and not elsewhere and if you will read verse 16, the Spirit of God descending from heaven. God is in heaven and not everywhere. Am I making sense? I can read verses in the Bible aside from what I mentioned that proves that God is in Heaven. I can assure that you cannot read even a single verse in the Bible that God is everywhere. In verse Proverbs 15:3 “The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.” Maybe that is what you mean. God can see everything. But that does not mean the he is everywhere.

    I asked that question to the writter of the Blog, but it seems he is not interested of answering it. I am very pleased that you answered the question. I apologized that I might sound uncourteous with my reply or kind a rude. English is not my first language and I only have a handful of english in my vocabulary but I can understand English clearly. I hope you understand. But I am confident that I was able to explain clearly what the Bible say with regards to my question.

    You said third person of God head. That’s another invention. Where you can you find in the bible the third person of the God head or the second person or the first person? That is what I am saying. Those are not Biblical. It is just like what I heard from the Born again (they call themselves Born again Christian which is not Biblical again), they said everyone should accept Jesus Christ as personal savior. Jesus Christ is a savior but not PERSONAL savior. That is how the pastor of our time is preaching. They preaching lots of things that are not in the Bible.

    With regards from the creation. I have a follow up queston for you. Please ask this to your pastor or to anyone. Where was God when he have not yet created the heavens and the earht? I am pretty sure this is the first time you heard this question. You meantion Genesis, well you can read there that God created the heavens and the earth. My question is where was God when he have not yet created the heavens and the earth. JUst like I said, I have no doubt that God is the most powerful that does not mean that God is everywhere. I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you and have good day. May the grace of God be with you!

  28. I might have missed something. I can read verses in the Bible that answers the question “where was God when he have not yet created the heavens and the earth?”. I can assure of that. If your pastors cannot give you an answer, ask it back to me and I will be more than happy to answer it for you with God’s help. Thank you. I also posted my question on the blog.

  29. Jhay

    There are many verses in the bible that clearly show God’s Omniscience. I am surprised that you are not aware of them. Begin your search in Ps 139. (If I make my bed in hell, You are there) Heaven is God’s Throne and the Earth is His Footstool. There are many more if you take the time to search.

    God has revealed himself in 3 persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Why are you so hung up about being Born Again, If you are not Born Again you will not enter the Kingdom of God. In the UK some 60% of people refer to themselves as Christians. But in reality only a small proportion of these are Born Again. Therefore many of those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour refer to themselves as Born Again Christians to differentiate themselves from those who are nominally religious.

    We all personally need to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, it is not something that anyone else can do for us. That is why some people say they have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. It is a very personal thing.

    By the way, your question in your last paragraph. I answered this in my post on 31/1/10.

    • Peter,

      Show me verses that will prove that God is everywhere. Just like I said, the verse that you mentioned does not mean that God is everywhere. God can see you everywhere and even knows what’s in your heart. You should consider the verses that I sited just like I am considering the verse that you sited. That is how to study the Bible, you should consider everything and not just read one to prove your stand and then forget everything. Is he in Hell? or in house of prostitutes? That will only need common sense… Of course not… God is the most powerful, no question about that. He is in the Heaven and there are so many verse to prove that.

      About your answer on my question “Where was God when he have not yet created the heavens and the earth?” It is safe or should I say you do not know the answer. I can read to you clearly on the verses of the Bible the answer to that question. I can guarantee you that. I just want you to ask your pastor and see if they know the answer. Is there a simple faith in the Bible? Christians are well aware of God’s will and the Christ teachings as well as Biblical facts. If you will say you do not know or your pastor does not know it, I can answer it to you right away. Honesty.

      I am not hung out about Born again. What I said is “Born Again Christian”. Where in the Bible can you read the Born Again Christian? I will tell you what the reality is. If they are not Born Again, then they are not Christian. You will be a Christian if you are Born Again. But do not say Born again Christian because there is no such word in the Bible as Born Again Christian. Redundant. They claim to be Christian but they are not.

      Personal savior, still not Biblical. The definition you gave does not conform with the meaning of it. Okay, accept it personally but do not say personal savior. It is lot different meaning.

      I want to write a more precise answer with verses. I’ll gonna save time to answer this with verses with God’s help. Thanks. I apologize If I sounded a little rude or sarcastic, I just want to be straight forward. Thanks!

  30. Jhay

    It seems that you think that your interpretation of the bible and everything else is 100% correct and if anyone else has a different opinion they are wrong. There is no reason why anyone can not use terms such as Born Again Christian and Personal Saviour yet you dogmatically says they should not use them, why get so hung up on this?

    I, I, I, all the time, you suggest you have the answers to everything. Yes, many of your replies have been rude, sarcastic and very self opinionated. Humility is an essential virture for a Christian, may God impart it to you.

    Where 2 or 3 are gathered together, God is in the midst of them. Omnipresent? Yes. There are many other verses that refer to God’s omnipresence and Godhead, if you care to ook for them. You have ignored previous answers to questions therefore I see no point in continuing to give you any more.

    This thread is meant to be about Laminin, a Cross Shaped Cell Adhesion Molecule which holds all our bodies together. I have just clicked on play above and listened to Louie talking about Laminin again, (Praise the Lord for this Man of God), perhaps you should do the same.

    • I just cant help to laugh. Not in a sarcastic way though. The Bible is so true. If you do beleive that there will be false Christ and false prophets that will arise in our time, you should not be so hung up with the way I question your beliefs. There are lots of religions in our time and they all claim that they are using the Bible. Would you believe that they are all true? Of course not. It is in this kind of arguments that you will realize how true your beliefs are and how false is mine (as far as the Bible is concern). I made a premise that my first language is not English, I am carefully choosing my words so that I wont sound so rude or so sarcastic. But deep in my mind, it doesnt matter how will I sound. What matter is that I am saying the truth, that is all that matters. Christians do not rejoiceth in inequities but they rejoiceth in truth no matter how it will hurt them. That is what I learned from the Bible. Speak out the truth even if many will be hurt. That is love. That is the type of love that many religions have failed to realize. Arguments and debates are Biblical, Jesus Christ and many of Apostles have been in this type of conversation. Here comes that pastors in our time saying, “Hey, argumentation and debates, they are evil. Christians should be loving each other, there is no love when your debating and argumenting the words of God”. Pastors are afraid that their members will doubt their beliefs. If they believe that they are true then why so afraid to fight for their beliefs? That is totally unbiblical. My father said, if you are wrong accept it and if you know your right fight for it. Humility is Biblical, I have no doubt on it. Humility towards a Brethren or peolple outside the Church is Biblical. Efesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. In this type of battle, one should be using a different type of Humility.

      Term Born Again Christian or saying Personal Saviour. Can you read those terms in the Bible? Because the essence of those terms are not Biblical. You see, those are inventions. I think it is not hard to understand. Your so hung up when your beliefs are being questioned. I am not the one whose hung up. Your not citing verses but then you said there are so many verses to prove that God is everywhere. “Where 2 or 3 are gathered together, God is in the midst of them. Omnipresent?” Of course not. You know why? The verse that you quoted was not complete. Here is the verse Matthew 18:20 For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Are are all gathering in Jesus name? Of course not. Some are gathering in satan’s name some are gathering to plan a terrorist attack etc… I am not ignoring your replies. I am answering them. I told you that I cannot see any single verse that will prove that God is everywhere. You said there are, then what are they?

      Salvation is not simple just like what others are saying. There is so manay religions in our time and it is the fulfillment of the words in the Bible that there will arise false prophets and false christ. In this kind of conversations we can compare which one of them is saying the truth. There is only one true Church and we should look for it. We should be meticulous when it comes to our salvation. We will find the true Church if we will keenly search for it. That is God’s promise.

      • Umm, sorry to stick my nose in here, it is a very interesting debate between both you Jhay and Mr. Littleton. Jhay, the Bible does comment on being born again, when Jesus spoke with Nicodemus, a teacher of the law (John 3). Jesus told him that unless he was born again, he would not see the kingdom of heaven.(john 3verse 3) Nicodemus did not understand and asked Christ, how is it possible to be born again. The idea of being born again is the concept of baptism, the symbolic washing away of your selfish life and the one where you profess to a child of God, and living a life that strives to be Christ-like. I hope that makes sense.
        Jhay your questions on the Holy trinity are best answered by reading John Calvin’s Institutes and the works by St. Augustine (cant remember the title of the specific work on the Trinity)
        Thanks for listening to my two cents.

    • God has revealed himself in 3 persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Were in the Bible can you read that? The cell and the molecule are really great creation of God. But I cant help to say that there so many great things in the Bible that these pastors failed to teach. And now people are so used or fond of listening to what their pastor are saying and rather than listening on what God is saying from the words in the Bible. Pastor of our our time will read one or two verses (3 or 4) and then will tell a long story or own invented story until the end of their sermons. Another funny thing is that they are trying too hard to proove that their beliefs are Biblical. But they cannot and seem to be confuse of their arguments. 1 Timothy 1:7 They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.

  31. Jhay

    You are clearly a J.W. and that explains everything.
    May God enlighten your mind to the truth of God in 3 persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit..

  32. We can only pray for Jhay my brothers and sister.

    God is love and if a man does not love his brother, he is not of God.

    We must pray for them.

    Much love to you all through Christ Jesus our lord.


  33. oh gosh that is so amazing! oh wait, i actually looked at a real picture of the protein and it looks nothing like a cross… why would he take something out of context and use it to prove god? oh wait… damn them they got me again… Heres to religion, the greatest troll in the history of the universe :(

  34. christian2311231254123

    Many others who have seen the protein think otherwise and can see the resemblance to a cross.

    Don’t believe in religion, it will get you nowhere, instead believe in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sins, He will transform your life like nothing else. Also read the book, “How to be a Christian without being religious”.

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