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Truth, freedom, dancing inside

Image © Al PowerWilliam P. Young is not only the author of The Shack, but he also shares some creative, inspiring content on his blog. Recently he posted a fictional account of an uptight Jewish disciple and a curious Samaritan “whose breath radiates goat and garlic.” This odd couple get into an interesting discussion of parables, truth, and freedom that transforms both men by the end of their conversation. Here’s a little sample—I hope you’ll visit Wind Rumors for the entire story—where the impatient follower of Jesus discovers the reason he has been approached by this bizarre stranger.

“The good Samaritan, you know, that guy that Jesus just told us about. I want to know who he is. I would like to meet him.

“Now I am wide awake. I grin at this man thinking that he is joking, but the intensity of his face communicates that he is dead serious. “You want me to tell you who the good Samaritan is, like…his name?” Continue reading