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Those elusive missional moments

Image © Mandy ShaulThis morning my wife and I drove into Cardiff for my doctor’s appointment at the University of Wales Hospital. After waiting an hour past my appointment time, I was a little cranky from the pain: a large cyst in my jaw was found nearly a month ago when my local dentist could not find anything wrong with my teeth. Surgery was scheduled for last Friday, but canceled at the last minute due to a lack of bed space—a common problem in the National Health Service due to extremely high occupancy in British hospitals. Not willing to simply wait passively for another surgery date to come through my letter box, I requested an appointment with my doctor to see what could be done to expedite the process.

The reason I share the above details is to show that the most mundane events of life can present opportunities for befriending those around us—even when extreme pain may be the driving force behind such encounters—and being sensitive to God’s amazing work in human hearts. Unfortunately, our lives are lived at such a pace that we seldom recognize these missional moments; or we so compartmentalize our lives into secular and sacred that we Continue reading