Sneaking in a little encouragement now and then

Image © Jim RobertsMany of my regular readers will be surprised and delighted to know that not all things are as gloomy as I sometimes portray them. I’m one of those “glass is half empty” types, but it’s amazing how God brings certain people into my life—to speak a word of wisdom or direction or encouragement—just when I need it most. Funny thing is, a lot of this comes from fellow Christians who live on the other side of the planet through this strange phenomenon we have come to know as “blogging.”

One of my new friends contacted me a couple of days ago via email in response to the news I shared about my recent diagnosis of a heart condition. Next thing you know, my phone’s ringing on Friday night from a brother I’ve never met who lives in another country, just because he wanted to be a tangible expression of the love of Christ in the midst of my weakness and discouragement. Thanks, friend! I know you’ll be reading this and I wanted to say how much I appreciate hearing your voice and getting to know you by phone. Love that accent, too! Several other friends left various comments assuring me of their commitment to pray and directing my attention to Father’s promises. Continue reading