What's in a name?

Several people have asked why I named this blog, "The Thin Edge of the Wedge." It's a term that I had never heard until moving to the United Kingdom, but here are two definitions that I found on the internet: From Answers.com

A minor change that begins a major development, especially an undesirable one. For example, First they asked me to postpone my vacation for a week, and then for a month; it's the thin edge of the wedge and pretty soon it'll be a year. This term alludes to the narrow wedge inserted into a log for splitting wood. [Mid-1800s]

From Phrases.org.uk

Long ago, wedges were used as troop formations to attempt to drive apart enemy lines. Being at "the thin end of the wedge" was undoubtedly not where the smart soldier would choose to be, since it would mean almost certain death as he'd be among the men first to encounter the enemy….The most important point about the thin end of the wedge is that once it has penetrated something, a line of defence, a piece of wood or stone, etc. it only a matter of time and the application of force before the whole of the wedge will split the thing apart. It's often easier to do things with a relatively small amount of force and a wedge than with a great deal of force evenly applied. I used this principle many times in sculpting and in chopping firewood. I think the military use comes from this.

As I think about how we've been called to be salt and light in a dark world, I much prefer the military analogy of the wedge. Believers are sovereignly and strategically sprinkled throughout the nations for the expansion of God's kingdom. Just a razor's edge, sharpened by the Holy Spirit, we are used by the hand of God to penetrate our culture with the Gospel and open up the way for a greater movement through an almost imperceptible presence in the beginning. Those involved in church planting and relational Christianity are the Delta Force troops that have been dropped into enemy territory and with orders to establish a new beachhead for the glory of God. They investigate, infiltrate, and engage the enemy as a first line offensive strategy to find a way to bring the gospel to those being held captive by the enemy. May God make us all "the thin edge of the wedge"!